Your Opportunity to use John as your
‘Marketing Coach’ – and watch your sales soar!

One of my clients is a fencing company, providing fences for households and businesses.

Obviously, their target audience comprises of homeowners who need to replace their backyard or front fence.

However, the challenge was to find people with the need to get a new fence.

broken-fence new-fences

So I devised a marketing campaign with the local radio station, where the fencing company provided a brand new fence (to a certain dollar amount) to the winner of a contest titled “Have you got the ugliest fence in Australia?”

The radio station would promote the contest on-air and invite listeners to post a photo of their ugly fence online at a contest landing page with a URL of

What do you think happens when you do something like this?

Yep, you flush out all of the people in the community who have a butt ugly fence!

So within a week or two of the promotion launching, the fencing company has an unbelievably database of owners of ugly fences that need replacement!

I’ve recently suggested the same promotional model for another of my clients who deals in backyard sheds.

In his case, the radio stations will invite listeners to post photographs to prove that they have “The Ugliest Shed in Australia.”

When my shed client collects the valuable database of people with old sheds, what do you think he’ll be doing?

You got it – he’ll be giving them a spectacular offer to replace their current shed.

And his cost for the exercise is the same as the fence company – nothing, except the major prize of a garden shed!.