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I often said that if I were to own a restaurant, I would make sure it was “themed” – because when it comes to dining or enjoying drinks with friends, all of us prefer to be in an environment that’s “out of the ordinary.”

Disney has nailed “themed restaurant” and a visit to any of their properties around the world is not complete unless you visit some of their incredible “themed” restaurant and café.

But there’s a new restaurant that takes a cake, and that’s “Cloud 9” in Fiji.

This new floating restaurant is a fabulous example of entrepreneurial flare and creativity.

Floating on the spectacular turquoise water of Fiji, Cloud 9 is a pizzeria that is luring adventurous tourist.


The eatery is situated on a two-level platform moored in the beautiful waters of Fiji  – and can be reached by a 40 minutes speedboat ride from Nadi.

Local DJ’s are keeping the restaurant pumping with all the rock sounds and there’s some decks, day beds and hanging chairs for guests to soak up the sun whilst enjoying a drink and a snack.


Have a look at the photos here and you’ll see that it’s pure restaurant heaven…………and ticks all the boxes when it comes to offering a “wow experience!”

Guest can jump off any part of the restaurant into the beautiful waters and enjoy snorkeling or paddle-boarding.


And they even got the name right – Cloud 9

I’m often asked by company owners on my opinion on their company name – and on many occasions I’m flabbergasted by how “underwhelming” the company’s name might be.

I guess lawyers can be forgiven for giving their business a mundane name based on the partners – something as boring as Smith, Jones and Walker.

But if you’re in the hospitality business (cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, fun parks, etc.), there’s no excuse for giving your business a crappy, boring, lame name.

Whoever is behind this terrific Fijian restaurant is a smart cookie, because the name communicates the essence of the eatery……..“Cloud 9 Pizzeria.”

After all, just have a look at the photographs here and you can instantly see that any guest who would frequent this restaurant would be on Cloud 9!

I just love businesses that give some thought to creating a wow ambiance and then put the icing on the cake by giving a business an appropriate name that instantly conveys an alluring image to the target audience.

After all, who wouldn’t’ be intrigue by the invitation to visit a fun “pizza themed” restaurant situated in the idyllic snorkeling hub of Fiji, appropriately named “Cloud 9? “

Whatever business you’re in, take a leaf out of this restaurant’s book and consider ways you can take “wow” to the next level.

And the easiest way to measure the effectiveness of whatever you come up with is to ask a couple of dozen people for their opinion – and if you can get enough responses of “Wow, you’ve nailed it.

If you don’t hear “wow,” go back to the drawing board.

And I really mean that.

I get asked by business owners how I measure the impact of “value-add bonuses” or “wow factors” that may have been devised by entrepreneurial owners.

And I explained that of course, the ultimate barometer is via the cash register.

But even before the business or concept is launch, one can gain a pretty good understanding of the likely response by simply measuring how many people say “wow” when they hear of the concept, idea or product.

If you get 75% or more people saying “wow,” there’s a pretty likelihood you’re on to something big!