Your Opportunity to use John as your
‘Marketing Coach’ – and watch your sales soar!

I always have my digital camera with me so that I can provide photographic evidence of the principles I preach.

And below you’ll see some photographs that show the importance of value-adding versus price discounting. Huggies and Pepsi certainly subscribe to the value-add principle.


In each product category (soft drinks and baby nappies), there are many competitors, but guess what, only the smart ones recognise the magnetic power of providing a wow factor such as a value-add incentive.

Have a look at the photographs and you’ll see that both of these products stand out from their competitors in the supermarket aisle – and it’s no wonder, because they are providing a unique selling point from their opposition.

Pepsi Max is giving consumers the chance to win $50,000 and a car! Certainly helps this soft drink stand out from all the others in the supermarket aisle!

Now onto baby nappies & Huggies.

Have a look at the photo and you’ll see how the Huggies brand easily jumps out from the rest.

Why? Because of a stunning “wow factor” of 9 extra nappies free of charge!

See what a strong “value-add” does for your product!

It was interesting to see that in the same supermarket section, a competitive nappies brand called BabyLove, also had a value-add offer, being 10% more nappies.

Now which of the two offers (Huggies versus BabyLove) do you think would be more popular?

I would bet you a lottery ticket that the Huggies offer of 9 extra nappies would easily win the day. Why?

Because they have been definitive on their offer – in other words, you get nine extra nappies.

Whilst the Babylove brand’s offer of 10% more might be a similar quantity of extra nappies, you had to look hard in the fine print to find out what the quantity was.

When you are making a value-add incentive offer, make sure it is very clear and easy for the consumer to understand.

(I.e. Get a Happy Meal from McDonald’s and get a free toy! Or if you spend $30 or more at Woolworths, you get 4 cents a litre off at the petrol station)

The offer needs to be understood within a 5 second glance, otherwise you’re wasting your time.