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This company calls itself “The World’s Largest Junk Removal Service” – but the company is widely known for its “wow factor” of having a wild and fun loving corporate culture.

got-junk1-800-GOT-JUNK offers full service junk removal for homes or businesses, including offices, retail locations, construction sites and anything called junk.
The difference with this junk removal company and competitors is pretty obvious by the photos you’ll see here.

The removalists have a tidy uniform and wear blue afro wigs! Hey, when you’re dealing with junk, why not have some fun?

Their catchphrase is “we’ll stash your trash in a flash!”

I love their professionalism and their fantastic fun attitude!

How can this sort of personality be ingrained in your business? 

 Well this one certainly taps into a childhood fantasy – be able to eat breakfast cereal at any time of the day!


Cereality takes cereal out of your kitchen and into a new kind of fast-food franchise!

At Cereality, customers choose from their favourite brands and toppings, then add their own milk, just the way they like it!

The company sells just cereals – a brand new concept of fast-food – but at least this one’s tasty and healthy!

One of the fun things about this fast-food chain is that the boss and staff (who are called Cereologists) fill the orders in their pyjamas!


Christmas Decor is a US company which brings the festive season spirit to customers by creating decorating masterpieces for homes and businesses.

They follow-through with maintenance visits, clean-up and storage.

Whilst I admit that most of their customers are reasonably wealthy (those who can afford to spend on having a cosy Christmas theme!), this just goes to show how one can be very successful in finding a popular niche! (An “affluent” niche!)

Their website is at and some of the photographs in their portfolio are just stunning.

Remember, it’s all about “wow”!

Oh, by the way, this company boasts over 50,000 clients in the U S!

xmas-decor xmas-decor-ink