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JD’s Wowpreneur Weekend Workshops

As a member of JD’s Wow Environment, you’re eligible to attend his dynamic 2 Day Workshops, where you’ll meet other entrepreneurial business owners & be exposed to incredible “guest presenters!”
2 Day Wowpreneurs’ Workshops
(There’s 3 Workshops During Your 12 Month Membership, in May, August & November)

2019 DATES
NOVEMBER Friday 8th – Saturday 9th.

2020 DATES
MAY Friday 1st – Saturday 2nd.
AUGUST Friday 7th – Saturday 8th.

Each day’s Workshop runs from 9am till 5pm.
NOTE: If you can’t physically attend a Workshop, no problems.
You can take a “rain-check” & attend another anytime in the future.
(You can “store” up to 2 Workshops for future attendance)
Three times during the 12 months, you’ll be able to attend a two-day “high-energy” workshop hosted by JD on the Gold Coast.

These dynamic events concentrate on JD’s Wheel Of Wow “Customer Attraction System” – and you’ll be blown away with the high-voltage atmosphere in the room! You’ll meet other enthusiastic business owners who, like yourself, are there to discover new ways to build sales – and it’s an opportunity for you to gain even more personal marketing advice from JD!

Make no mistake, this is an “ideas-forum” on steroids!! JD continues to blow the lid off “conventional advertising philosophies” and shows you new, electrifying “direct-response” marketing techniques to attract new clients.

Both online & offline tactics are covered & JD features “guest presenters” such as Facebook advertising experts & copywriters to keep you on the cutting edge of the latest ways to build sales.

JD highlights his “Learn & Do” principle – he says “having three of these 2 day events throughout the twelve months allows business owners the opportunity to LEARN at each one & DO what they’ve learnt in between the Wow Workshops. That gives me the chance to keep everyone accountable, as at the following workshop, I’ll be giving critiques on the marketing efforts of attendees!”

It’s all done in the right spirit of course – but the idea is for you to LEARN from “the master of marketing” & implement the “Wheel Of Wow” techniques to promote your products & services

With the online world providing every business with “laser-targeted” marketing opportunities these days, understandably JD places a lot of emphasis on Facebook & Instagram advertising tactics at each Workshop.

JD is a big fan of the “2 Step Selling” strategy – & includes case studies in each Workshop – showing you “HOW” you can use social media to firstly capture data & secondly, “HOW” to then SELL to that database.

There’s “an art” to this & you’ll discover exactly how to exploit the formula for your business! (& at last, hopefully start to enjoy a great ROI from your Facebook-type advertising!)

And don’t be surprised if you find JD interviewing an “ex-Disney” senior executive via Skype – discovering “Disney Customer Experience” secrets that YOU can take back to your business & start implementing the following week!

These Workshops are full of “valuable surprises” – after all, they are presented by The Institute Of Wow!

And remember, if you can’t make any of the 3 Workshops during the year, you can take a rain-check & store up to 2 Workshops for future attendance (but of course you can still watch via Facebook Live).

Watch The Short Videos Below To Get A “Fly-On-The-Wall Perspective” From Attendees – Showcasing How Valuable These Dynamic Workshops Are!
Have A Look At The Overwhelming Consensus Of The Incredible Value Of Being Part Of This Wow Client-Attraction Event!
Another Short Showreel Of Comments From “Wowpreneurs” Attending JD’s Ideas-Driven Marketing Workshop!
And Remember You Can Watch “LIVE”
From Anywhere In The World – VIA FACEBOOK LIVE!!!
If You Can’t Make It To The Gold Coast Event,
Still Participate Via Facebook Live!
If you can’t get to the event, you can watch & get involved via Facebook Live – view JD’s sessions on your phone, PC or tablet!

Of course, it’s always preferable to be “part of the event on the ground” – but this is the next best thing!

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