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It amazes me that in this day and age, so many businesses fail to exploit the incredible “persuasion power” of the video testimonials on their website.
Study after study has demonstrated that “video testimonials” are at least 10 times more powerful than written ones.

Indeed, my personal view point is that “good video testimonials“ are worth many more times than multiple.
It is estimated that less than 10% of all worldwide website actually features “video testimonials” on their website.

I believe that these companies are leaving lots of money on the table by not featuring “video positive endorsements” of their clients.


Ask yourself how many times you have actually bothered to “read” the written testimonials on a business’ website – and I bet it’s not very many times!

The great thing about video testimonials is that your audience can be persuaded by facial gestures, the tonality of your client’s voice, the excitement they generate whilst explaining the benefits of your products or service, the hand gestures, etc.

In other words, having a good video testimonial on your website is almost as powerful as having an excited client across a coffee table from your prospect…’s at least the next best thing.

How to get the best video testimonials?
It’s important when you are filming a video testimonials with your iPhone or camera that you make your customer “feel at ease.”

And don’t let them simply “rumble” about your products or services – you need to trump them with the sort of response you’re looking for.

I’m not saying to encourage them to “lie” – far from it.

I’m simply suggesting that if you know what their satisfaction points where, make sure you get this commentary from them in such a way that it makes sense.

Vanuatu 5 Star resort with no video endorsements

My wife and myself recently enjoyed a wonderful 6 nights stay at The Havana Resort in Vanuatu, an island 3 hours flight from Australia.

This is a beautiful 5 star resort featuring beautiful views, an incredible restaurant and all the luxuries one could ask for on an island vacation.


Throughout our stay, the manager of the resort spent some time with us and explained that he wish he could fill the “low spots” throughout the year in terms of occupancy.

He ask what I do for a living and I explained.

He then ask if I had any ideas for boosting occupancy during low season.

Aside from giving him a number of suggestions, I checked his website only to find that of course, it didn’t feature any “video testimonials” from ecstatic guest.

So I took the liberty of creating one for him, featuring my wife Gael.

Before we left, I gave him this video testimonial and suggested that he feature it and many others on his website – explaining that this form of “guest endorsement” would be very powerful for him.
Whilst he seemed very grateful for the effort I have gone to, guess what?

We are now six months later and there is still no video testimonial on his website.
I guess it’s a case of “You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make it drink!”

I believe this resort manager is leaving money on the table “by not exploiting video testimonials.”
When you have such competition in terms of “island resorts,“ I believe it’s video testimonials which can persuade a prospect to choose your location versus the alternative!

So do yourself a favour, start gaining video testimonials for your website and utilise the equity value of “ecstatic guests” as an incredibly powerful marketing tool.