Your Opportunity to use John as your
‘Marketing Coach’ – and watch your sales soar!

You probably heard the phrase “One purchase means that you have a sale, whereas two purchases means you have a customer.”

Is no use getting just one sale.

For most of us, it’s false economy (unless of course you sell high ticket items such as homes or plots of land).

We all want to build relationships with those clients so that they become long-term supporters of our products or services – so that we get “annual and lifetime value” from the relationship.

And although I preach the merits of artificial wow factors and loyalty programs (eg: the loyalty card you get at your local coffee shop where you get one free coffee  for every nine stamps you achieve), the one major tactic in getting people to come back to you is delivering extraordinary customer experience.

Notice I didn’t use the phrase “customer service.”

I’m talking about providing your clients with “knock your socks off” out-of-this-world experiences that will have them begging for more!

Disney does it probably better than anyone else in the world – so if you’re going to “mirror” any business, my advice is to study the Disney formula.

By all means still create “loyalty program wow factors,” but everything starts with the “experience” your clients receives when dealing with you in the first place.

Not just good “customer service” – that doesn’t cut it anymore!

outstandingYou don’t want to just “pass” the good customers service test – you wanted deliver incredible, unbelievable, unforgettable customer “experiences.”

After all, we all expect “good customer service.”

You’ve got to go way beyond “good service” if you are going to wow your clients.

When was the last time you boasted to colleagues or friends that you “experience satisfactory service last night at a particular restaurant?” the tag line for my business is “learn to deliver the unexpected!

That’s the entire mantra of my marketing philosophy – give them more, much more than they expected. ….. and guess what …….they’ll come back for more every time!

A couple of years ago, my “then 14 year old son” purchased a computer at the Apple Store and received a standing ovation from every staff member when he was leaving because they had realised that he was a “first-time customer.”

This might have been an a tad embarrassing to him because I was videotaping the “experience,” but have a look at the video here

What’s happen to Maccas?

How many times you go to a McDonalds restaurant these days and find that the teenagers behind the counter are merely going through the motion?


I don’t know what has contributed to this decline in customer service over recent years, but for my money Maccas no longer holds the crown for supreme customer service.

Indeed, in many Maccas I’ve visited in recent times, I’ve been disgusted at their dirty and unkept restrooms (a “cardinal sin” in the hospitality game!).


We all enjoyed dealing with someone who’s enthusiastic?

It’s obvious to all of us that we enjoy dealing with someone who’s enthusiastic and upbeat, whether it be business to business or business to consumer.

tv-commercial-makingOver the years, having produce hundreds of TV commercial, I have dealt with many TV production companies.

And typically I would be up against a tight deadline to get the television commercial edited and ready for on-air scheduling.

During 20 or more years of having dealing with such editing companies, there were only a handful of which who’s staff impressed me as being “enthusiastic” about their work and their relationship with clients.

Guess who got the bulk of work from me over this time?

Of course, the production companies which had the most enthusiastic and positive staff.

Of course, their quality of work played the major part in my decision making, but if all else was equal, the company which has the most enthusiastic producers and editors kept getting my business.

So stop investing in training your staff “how to satisfy” your customers.

Don’t nearly “satisfy” your clients – mesmerise them with an experience they’ll never forget – and then watch them comeback over and over again.

Start investing in efforts that will “blow the minds” of your clients each and every time they deal with you.

Be an entrepreneurial thinker not an operational thinker!

entrepreneur-thinkerMany members of my coaching programs often hear me talking about the dangers of letting “operational people” run one’s business.

I wont go into to the whole argument about the worth of left-brained people versus right brained people, but for my money I would always have a right-brained person at the helm of my business (as long as I have a good accountant sitting just behind him or her!)

Had Walt Disney listened to the “operations people,” in terms of what was “operationally possible,” his theme parks might never have turned out to be the stunning success they’ve been.

Likewise, when restaurants are run by operational-minded people (ie: chefs), there’s a good chance that the environment will be more clinical and bland.

(Obviously this would not be the case all the time, but I’m generalising to make a point)

I’ve say chefs recommend to restaurant owners that they “close breakfast at the restaurant at 10am and re-open for lunch at 12 noon.

Why? Because from operational point of view, the chef believes he needs a couple of hours between the breakfast and noon to clean up the kitchen and prepare for his lunch guest.

On the other hand, the entrepreneurial manager or owner will argue against this, as such behavior  with decently annoy customers, particularly the loyal ones  who have already build up a sense of trust with the establishment, trust me, I’ve seen chefs destroy restaurants by being so “anal” and “operationally-minded.”

How hard is it to simply have scrambled eggs all day breakfast available at any time?

Aaaaagggggghhhhhhh……this type of ridiculous thinking drives me crazy!

Imagine walking into a restaurant at one minute past 10am craving for a light breakfast, only to be told the kitchen is close until noon!

So there you have it – you can either choose to provide your clients with “satisfactory customer service” or you can “blow their mind” with extraordinary experiences!

I hope you choose the latter!