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Unique Consumer Incentive Sells Tea by the Truckloads!

Madura Tea is an Australian producer of high quality tea, with its products being widely available through the likes of Woolworths, Coles, Bi-Lo and others.

Because it is a relatively small player in the Australian tea industry (Twinings and Dilmah are market leaders), the company wanted to get serious about building their brand name in the marketplace.

John was engaged to provide his expertise in delivering both a short and long-term marketing strategy that would sell tea and build the brand’s awareness.

Although having a relatively modest budget, John was able to devise an innovative Cash Giveaway Promotion involving an Insured $1 Million Prize.

The promotion ran for 4 months and was supported by a daytime TV campaign in regional areas along the East Coast of Australia.

If you look at the TV advertisement here, you’ll see that it combined brand-building testimonial comments from customers together with the Chance To Win $1 Million incentive.

Stunning Results – INSTANTLY!

This turned out to be a magic “combo”, with sales instantly exploding in all areas where the TV campaign screened.

Instead of the conventional “1 entry per pack” mechanism, John pushed the envelope and gave consumers a “lucky dip” sensation – where they could gain between 1 and 10 instant entries from each pack.

Inside each of the specially marked Madura Tea packs, a Game Card could be found with 10 digits being printed on it.

Consumers enjoyed “instant gratification” because upon checking their Game Card, they invariably came up with 7, 8 or 9 entries into the Million Dollar Draw!

By having such random distribution of the “quantity of entries” message, Madura Tea enjoyed repetitive sales that arguably they would not have experienced if the promotion ran “the normal way of 1 purchase and 1 entry.”

John Dwyer comments “far too often I see products being marketed with a large prize, but with no wow factor. By creating a lucky-dip formula in terms of the number of entries in each pack, we instantly gain extra consumer interest because of the thrill of the chase!”

John goes onto explain “remember the anticipation as a child, when you would be on the edge of your seat when opening the Kellogg’s cereal pack, anticipating which toy you might get? Or likewise, the same thrill you got with a pack of footy trading cards?

Well the same principle applies with sweepstakes.

Why not build in yet another device to stimulate repetitive purchasing?”

Huge Database Bonus!

Because all entrants had to register online at Madura’s website, a massive bonus of over 50,000 email addresses just adds to the success of the promotional campaign.

“Just imagine how valuable this huge database will be in the months and years to come” says John.

With emailing having no costs, such a database provides Madura with lots of opportunities to regularly market new lines or online offers.

John Dwyer adds “we live in an age where email addresses are gold – simply because of the ability of a company to communicate with its customers regularly for virtually no cost. So for a business to suddenly accumulate tens of thousands of opt in email addresses overnight is a massive bonus and a very valuable asset.”

The promotion netted a huge database
for the company.

Ecstatic Business Owners Who Have Experienced “The Wow Factor”

“The figures speak for themselves.Before we became part of John’s “wow environment”, our annual profit was about $120,000 a year.

Within 18 months of being involved with John’s coaching ideas, our profit within 18 months, grew to an annual rate of $440,000 a year!

That increased the value of our business fourfold – an outstanding result!

His system is applicable to any business-type.”

– Steve Fenton
Cafe St Tropez,
Gold Coast. Australia
“John’s ideas are simply inspiring, they are very different and he thinks way outside the square. He provides practical “client attraction” solutions that get results.And the great thing is that he has created “marketing formulas” that are easy to swipe and use for your own business. In other words, any business owner can grab these concepts and use them to attract new clients.Make no mistake, John’s ideas will help you “cut through the clutter” and any business owner can benefit by getting hold of his wisdom.”

– Lisa Taylor
Newcastle Knights Rugby League Club.
NSW. Australia

“Our sauna massage business has improved leaps & bounds since we invested in John’s advice. His “client attraction system” is incredible – we’ve followed his formula & the results have been “instantaneous!” His ideas are just brilliant & his “direct response” concepts mean that we can turn “the customer tap” on whenever we want.”

– Natalie Kernke
Vibrosaun Sauna Massage. Qld.