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When speaking with business owners, JD highlights a very, very important point – something which no business owner can ignore anymore.

JD explains that “If you’re in a business that wants to be taken seriously you must have a website.”

And remember, your Director Of First Impressions is no longer your receptionist, but rather “your website.

And that is “fact” – you must have a website and you must appreciate that this website will be the first “port of call” for the majority of your potential clients.

Given the importance of a business’ website, JD continues to be amazed (let’s make that “flabbergasted!”) at just how bad most business websites are.

Let’s face it, if you personally were meeting a prospect for the first time, chances are you would be smartly dressed and you would present yourself in a professional manner – and at the same time, demonstrate your “personal brand.”

JD says, in the case of most businesses’ websites, they’ve been designed by a graphic artist – and whilst sometimes the artwork might be okay, many times the graphics are amateurish and the photographs are “low quality and grainy.”

In other words, the website fails to communicate the appropriate professional “brand persona” that it should.

Most Websites Fail to “SELL”

John also highlights that the website for most businesses fails to contain the vital “direct-sales components” that are necessary in order to turn visitors into “paying clients.”

He say’s “sure, sometimes the web artist provides a pretty websit,e but this has no value if it doesn’t result in sales.”

JD highlights to business owners that “the last person you want designing your website is a website designer!”

He highlights that most website designers maybe good graphic artists, but they are not “marketers.”

Hence why JD always advises business owners to involve a marketing expert in the design of their website, rather than someone who can provide “pretty pictures.”

Here’s the major components
that JD believes you need in your
business website:

a. A benefit driven headline and supportive copy
(the “problem/solution” tactic).

b. A welcome video (one that gets straight to the point and highlights their problem and your solution).

c. A Free Report (or free download) that visitors need to
provide their contact details for.

d. The 3 or 5 biggest benefits of dealing with you.

e. Video testimonials from ecstatic clients.

We can provide you with a 5 page website (fully coded) for AUD$2,997.

How would you like to have an Automated Email Pipeline System where your database gets regular communications and sales messages from you?

One of the biggest opportunities that most businesses neglect is “following up previous clients” and making offers.

We all get busy “focusing on luring new customers” into our business – but often forget to communicate with those who have already given us money!

We have a division of The Institute Of Wow called “Wow Automation,” where we provide businesses with access to our “automated email and text messaging systems.”

This is a “set and forget” marketing juggernaut if done correctly.

We provide you with email and text “templates” that get sent to your database on a pre-determined schedule, offering your prospects attractive deals and encouraging them to re-engage with your business.

Make no mistake, the results from such an “automated machine” can be staggering, as you are awakening dormant “former fans.”

And you’ve probably heard the adage that it’s “seven times less expensive to sell to a former customer than it is to attract a new one!”

We’ve heard some clients who have experienced 400% to 500% instant
increases of sales as a result of simply implementing such “automated
sales pipelines.”

If you have a database and you haven’t been communicating with it, talk to us
about how Wow Automation can help you exploit the nuggets of gold which
are currently laying dormant.

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And if you’d like to know MORE about “how” you can create a website THAT SELLS
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show you his “step-by-step” must-haves for your website, but he also takes you
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