Your Opportunity to use John as your
‘Marketing Coach’ – and watch your sales soar!

I’ve often preach to businesses across a wide range of sectors that “if they wanted to attract women simply hold a High-Tea.”

I’ve jokingly referred to it as the “2 Word Miracle” that will attract an avalanche of women whenever you wanted to.

Whilst I guess “the 2 Word Miracle” for attracting man might be “Free Beer,” I can assure you that if your target audience are females, just even “whisper” the phrase High-Tea and then stand back, they’ll come running from the hills and will step on anything that gets in their way!

Whilst many may have thought that a High-Tea would be a promotional attraction restricted to the hospitality industry (cafes/restaurant), NO.

I’ve had a furniture retailer in regional NSW, Australia, hold a 2 Day Expo at their store over Friday and Saturday, with the highlight being a High-Tea – and the store took a month’s regular takings in just 2 days!

The owners of this furniture store were two women and ironically when I was “championing” the High-Tea promotion, they were rather skeptical.

(I think they ended up doing it just to shut me up!)

city-mall-entranceBut on the Monday after the High-Tea event, they ring me and excitedly explained that they have broken all sales record for a Friday and Saturday and the revenue from just 2 days was equal to a normal month’s takings!

Look How A Melbourne Café Has Exploited This Female Magnet!

Have a look at these photos of a brilliant café in a city mall in the heart of Melbourne.

I was in Melbourne recently and came across this café, The Tea Salon – so I took these photographs to demonstrate the unbelievable appeal of the High-Tea theme to females!

Have a look at these pictures and you’ll see that there’s not only a line at the door, but the café is jam-packed with very satisfied women enjoying their High-Tea!






Full marks to the café operators, as they have appropriately designed their café so that it looks like the something Audrey Hepburn would visit in the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie”  it’s cute, cute and cute!

No matter what offline business you have, if your target audience includes women, I suggest you consider “testing” events that features a High-Tea.

Don’t ask me what the “magic” is behind the allure for women, but I guess it dates back to when the girls get-together to discuss their lives hundreds of years ago.

Whatever the reasons for its attraction, one thing for sure – if you promote a High-tea event for women, stand back and get out of the way….. because they’ll be coming in droves!