Your Opportunity to use John as your
‘Marketing Coach’ – and watch your sales soar!

JD knows what it’s like to be a “start-up.”

He has been involved with the formation of countless businesses and understands that the “leap of faith” you’ve taken, is a scary, but exciting journey!

You’ve decided that you don’t want to make money for someone else, but rather you want to be a “true entrepreneur” and create wealth for yourself and your family, through owning and operating your own successful business.

At JD’s events, he often highlights that “marketing know-how” is the most important skill any business owner should have.

He highlights that you can have the best product or service in the world, but if no-one knows about it, you won’t benefit from your expertise – because you won’t sell very much!

Do You Think You Need The Best
Product To Be Successful?

JD highlights “not many of us believe that McDonalds makes the best hamburger in the world, yet Maccas sold $24 billion worth of hamburgers in America in the last year! Indeed McDonalds sells more hamburgers than any business in the world – and yet most of us would probably argue that their hamburgers are far from being No.1.”

JD highlights this scenario because it is a terrific example of the incredible value of having a proven marketing system for your products or services.
And that’s exactly what McDonalds have – an incredibly successful “proven marketing system.”

Many would say that McDonalds also have a terrific “operations system.”
Yes, that maybe the case – but if no one was visiting their restaurant, that “clever operation system” would mean nothing.

If You’re Starting A Business,

So remember, no matter what your product or service is,
MARKETING should be your Number 1 highest priority by a million miles.
  • If you are a butcher, you are a marketer of meat!
  • If you are a hair salon owner, you are a marketer of improved appearance!
  • If you are a baker, you are a marketer of bread rolls and pastries!
  • If you are the owner of a gymnasium, you are the marketer of increased fitness and vitality!

You get the picture right?And the fact that you are on this website demonstrates that you appreciate the potency of having a “systemised marketing plan.”

So Here’s What You Need To Do:

So now you’re just about to venture (all you possibly have already “ventured”) into that scary world of running your own business!

Hopefully you’ve put together your best shot at a Business Plan, estimating your costs, sales and profit margins.

Now it’s time to put together a well-constructed marketing plan so that you can sell lots of your products or services and enjoy a nice lifestyle!


Determine Your Most Profitable Target Audience:

Too many business owners simply “spray bullets” with their marketing dollars, hoping to hit people who might be interested in their products or services.

Gone are the days where you would “fire arrows on the air” – because we are in digital age, where you can be very targeted in terms of your advertising spend.

With online PPC opportunities, Facebook marketing, Google AdWords and affiliate relationships, you’re able to micro-market your messages like never before.

But before you spend a cent on any marketing, you need to profile your “most profitable target audience” and then make a decision “to look for more people who look like them!”

So if you’re car mechanic and you know that your most profitable customers are women 30 years plus (who want to regularly service their vehicles so that their family is safe in the car), you would “tone” your marketing accordingly and target both offline and online media that allows you to reach these women cost-effectively.

It’s all about targeting “your most profitable customers” cost-effectively

JD’s “Wheel Of Wow” Client Attraction
System Can Be “Rocket-Fuel” For Your
Business – Just Follow The 5 Step Formula.

Create A Wow:

McDonalds have been “taking our eyes off the price” for decades with their Happy Meal – which comes with a free toy!If you ask most parents what the price of a Maccas Happy Meal is, I bet they probably couldn’t tell you.

They simply paid for a gazillion of them to keep the kids happy!

This is what JD calls “a wow factor that takes your eyes off the price.”

Kellogg’s has been doing it for 50+ years with a free gift at the bottom of their cereal boxes.

And retailers like Harvey Norman promote wow factors like “2 Years Interest Free” to take your eyes off the price.

You need to consider what sort of “wow factor” you can introduce in order to take your prospects’ eyes off the price!

Use The Problem/Solution Formula:

People will pay more to “eliminate pain” then they will “to enjoy pleasure.”Nurofen gets it – they highlight that if you have a headache, then the Nurofen tablet has the solution!

So think about what your prospects’ problems are and how you can provide them with a solution!

Fix Your Website!

JD believes that most businesses websites are woeful.They don’t have a strong benefit headline, there’s no welcome video, no client testimonials and no strong offers or call to action.

He believes that most business websites provide “information” but are not designed “to sell.”

And given that your website will be your “Director Of First Impressions,” it’s vital that you design your website “with selling components” in mind!

Build Repetitive Trade:

Make sure from outset, you create some form of “reward system” that stimulates clients to come back to you more often.You don’t want “one sale,” as this doesn’t produce long-term revenue.

The little café down the road gets it right, because they give you a Coffee Card and stamp one panel each time you buy a coffee – and when you have 9 stamps, you get your 10th coffee for free!

This is a very basic example of what JD preaches, so you need to consider how you can easy to manage a loyalty program of some sort, so that you turn a one-time customer into a long term, raving fan!