Your Opportunity to use John as your
‘Marketing Coach’ – and watch your sales soar!

I’ve learned over the years that there is only two ways to get your “media releases” noticed by journalists – either:

  1. Invent something
  2. Be provocative

And let’s face it, it’s probably not very likely that most of us are going to “invent something” very often.

The “coke formula” and the iPhone come along only so often!

So my vote goes to “being provocative” and stirring up emotions.

Free publicity is out there to be gained, as long as you know “how.”

Whether it be business publications, industry magazines or just main stream media, journalists are always looking for something provocative.

When I’m promoting one of my events and sending the appropriate media releases, I don’t simply forward notifications to journalists that “JD is in town and holding a marketing seminar.”

I will find something in the local press that might be a provocative issue in town and cast my spin on that.


Newcastle Main Street Closure

I recall holding a Wow Seminar in Newcastle sometime back and upon investigating “what was news” in the area, found that the local council was under fire for closing the Main street and turning it into a pedestrian hall.

Retailers were winging about losing trade and the council was being severely criticised from all over.

So I put together a press release, criticising the council for not turning a pedestrian mall into “an events centre,” holding things like car shows, orchid festival, wine and cheese events, Octoberfest entertainment and so on.

I highlighted that the council had merely paved the street and put in some seats and plant boxes – and never thought about the opportunity to invigorate the area with interesting activities.

Guess what? My media release was picked up by three newspapers and two radio stations – each giving me unbelievable free publicity.

I was interviewed by each and at the end of the interview, the journalists highlighted that I was in town the following Thursday for a seminar and that if people wanted tickets, they simply went to our particular URL.

The result? I gained over 50 new seminar registrations as a result of free publicity.

So do our self a favour, if you’re looking for free publicity make sure you consider a provocative angle to include in your media release.