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Cleaning Industry - Gerni

John prepared marketing campaigns for its Consumer and Business products.


Gerni Pty Ltd is a world-renowned high-pressure water-cleaning manufacturer, with offices all around the globe. Its Australian operation is head-officed in Sydney and John was asked to prepare marketing literature and campaigns for both its Consumer and Business products.

Anyone who has laboured through the task of cleaning their dirty driveway or house guttering, will recall that they wished they had a Gerni! These high-pressure water machines make fast work of any tough cleaning job – and incidentally come in pretty handy even when one simply wants to wash their motor car!

The Company has a wide range of machines, with Consumer models ranging from $350 to $1,500. The machines that are more suitable for Industry, are priced up to $15,000.

Because the Company had traditionally gained corporate business through “outbound telemarketing”, it was keen to continue along this relatively successful path, but with less wastage factor. (i.e.: Outbounding to businesses simpSly via the Yellow Pages, obviously has a significant wastage factor to it).

On the Consumer level, Gerni had not previously aggressively marketed it’s machines directly to Consumers, but rather left it up to the Retailers who stocked the product.


John understood that the Consumer Marketing Model obviously needed to be very different from the Industrial Business Marketing Model. However, because the Gerni high-pressure water blasters produced incredible results, the principle of showing the “before and after photographs” suited both purposes.

Therefore, he prepared marketing literature for both purposes, demonstrating via photographs, the “before” and “after” difference! From a strategic viewpoint, John investigated the demographic profile of most residential purchasers of a high-pressured water cleaner and identified that a large proportion of household consumers used the machine to clean the exterior of their fibro or weatherboard homes.

By determining this demographic, he was able to advise Gerni to concentrate on distributing Direct Mail brochures into suburbs that predominantly had weatherboard or fibro homes. This meant that any Direct Mail campaign was primarily focused on customers who had the greatest propensity to purchase the product.


Result was an instant increase in Consumer sales of the high-pressure water-cleaning product, as a result of focused geographic mail drops. In the instance of the Industrial sector, John helped Gerni identify the industries which were most likely to need the product. And by once again featuring the “before and after” images together with listing the benefits, Gerni was able to dramatically increase sales in this arena.

Furthermore, in terms of outbound telemarketing, John studied the results of each of the outbound telemarketers and found that one or two stood out from the crowd. By studying these telemarketer’s scripts and approach, he suggested to Gerni that the other telemarketers “clone” the scripts and attitudes. In doing so, the Company experienced a significant increase in getting face-to-face presentation meetings, as a result of finding out what “worked” and then duplicating it.