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Generators – Genlite

John marketed a Health & Well-being Exposition which toured nationally.


Mid-2005, John was asked by Brisbane-based Genelite Generators, to provide a “marketing health check” for the company, as well as “future strategic marketing advice”.

Genelite specialises in the manufacture of all types of petrol and diesel generators, from small machines for camping to huge units which provide power to mining sites, shopping centres and hospitals.

The company was growing and the owners realised that it was time for an “image makeover” and a more strategic approach to marketing.

Genelite specialises in sales of new and used generators. Its sister company, Total Generators, also wanted to refurbish its image and build a marketing plan to promote its machine rentals and service facilities. (Genelite concentrates on sales and Total Generators specialises in rentals, service and parts.)

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As a result of “workshop meetings” with the owners of both companies, John was able to ascertain the “target audiences” for both companies. Because both companies suffered from “old-fashioned logos and sales literature”, John’s first task was to rejuvenate both brands, giving the companies a contemporary image in the marketplace.

Both companies’ sales literature was dated in appearance, with an emphasis on information rather than selling. Therefore, the Sales Team were armed with uninspiring promotional literature in the field. Likewise, both businesses’ websites were poorly designed and lacked critical sales “stimulants”. (Similar to the existing brochures, the websites were predominantly “information-based”, rather than “sales-based”.)

John quickly created a fresh new look for both companies, creating new logos and exciting new sales literature. He then researched all relevant trade magazines and newspapers and provided both companies with recommendations for advertising placements.

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Click to view full PDF brochure.

All of John’s new advertisements contained either a unique phone number or unique offer, so that the results could be tracked and therefore the publications’ advertising value could be calculated.

In short, John introduced a very concise “return on investment” mentality, ensuring that all advertising became measurable. (Whereas previously, nearly all of the companies’ advertising was generic “motherhood messages” of phrases like “we sell generators”, without any “call to action” or specific “product offers”.)

Because Genelite’s smaller generators (residential and camping) are distributed through regional retailers, John created sales and promotional plans for these stores which included a regular Genelite newsletter and point of sale material.

Direct Mail Campaigns To Larger Industries:

Because the companies could either sell or rent large generators to the likes of hospitals, clubs, hotels, shopping malls and construction sites, etc, John sourced mail lists for such industries. These mail lists came with the CEO’s name and the company phone number, so that a follow-up outbound telemarketing campaign could occur a week or two after the mail-out.

A 4-page brochure was produced, with the aim being to “jolt” the respondent into thinking about a new generator, by highlighting the likely financial losses resulting from a blackout. John scripted an accompanying letter which was mailed with the “scare-tactics” brochure.

The brochure featured a high-impact front page of a “blackout” with a hand holding a match in one corner. The headline on this front page was “Imagine the consequences for your business if you lost power!” The idea was to create a sense of urgency with the recipient of the direct mail package, so that they guarded themselves against a blackout by purchasing or renting a generator from Genelite. Did this “scare tactic” work? You bet it did!


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Figures are confidential, but the positive results from these initiatives was instant! Sales for both Genelite and Total Generators increased considerably.

Significantly, the “cost per acquisition” reduced from days gone by, because the companies’ advertising was now strategically focussed on “strong prospects”, rather than spraying bullets in various publications which failed to hit the mark.

Both companies acknowledged that John’s concentration on targeting “strong prospects” is a discipline which brought multiple benefits to the business.

John’s emphasis on “direct mail campaigns” to targeted industries paid immediate dividends. Genelite now has a marketing model which it can follow for years to come. One which involves “wow factor” in an industry which predominantly promotes itself in a mundane way.

Click to view full PDF brochure.
Click to view full PDF brochure.