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‘Marketing Coach’ – and watch your sales soar!

I thought this headline might get your attention!

In a business world where we are giving credit to new inventions like smartphones, I think it’s fair to stop every now and again and “look at the other side of the fence.”

If you own a business, have you ever calculated the amount of “lost time” you’ve suffered through employees constantly checking their smartphone throughout the day?

How’s this for stunning statistic?


So you see, our smartphones are essentially stuck to our hands for the majority of the day, hence if you’re a business owner, I think it might be worth conducting a quick audit of your staff to see if such a distraction “is costing you sales.”

I was recently walking pass one of those “Candy Counters” at Sydney Airport and just HAD TO take a photograph of the guy managing the pop-up store.

Have a look at these photos and you’ll see he is completely oblivious to any potential customers who might be interested of buying some candy!

Why? Because he is 100% devoted to his smartphone and 100% ignoring any possible customers!

I walked pass this pop-up candy store a few times over the hour I was waiting for my client and on each occasion, he had his head down and was concentrating on his smartphone.




Not suggesting you need to be the “fun poise!”

I’m not recommending that you become a member of the “nasty police” and start installing secret cameras in your business to identify staff members who are using the smartphones during work hours – far from it.

We live in the age of incredible communications and there’s no stopping individuals from checking their phones from time to time.

However, I’m sure you have seen the scenario I’ve described above “many, many times.”

All I’m suggesting is that as a business owner, it might be wise to encourage your staff to at least be aware of “incredible time wastage” that their smartphone can cause during work hours – and therefore “play fair.”

At cost, this is particularly important if your staffs are continually liaising with prospective customers (the retail/hospitality industries).

There’s nothing worse than going into a retail store and finding it difficult to get the attention of the sales assistant because you’ll see he’s busy texting friends!

So despite the smartphone being an incredible “wow invention” that has made life so much easier for all of us in lots of ways – just be aware that it could also be costing you money if you ignore the possible downsides.